Country Can Cure

Banner for Zeta Tau Alpha’s second annual Country Can Cure concert featuring Erik Dylan. I’m really happy with not only how the banner turned out, but also with how successful the event was!


6 Baseball Facts Video


Click the link to watch the video!

Ah, another video project, another video filled with learning experiences and troubles. The second and final video of the semester for my Digital Media class focused on video using vector graphics and Illustrator. The topic was whatever you wanted it to be, the only requirement was the presence of graphics. For this one, working the program was so much easier than the first video I did. However, finding music that was royalty free and free to use that fit the theme was very challenging! I’m not totally happy with the final song choice, but there’s only so much you can find with the given constraints.

After hours of pen tooling images in Illustrator, animating text in After Effects, and getting sounds right in Premiere, this 6 Facts About Baseball short video was the result!

Magazine Project

Girl Next Door is the result of another fun assignment I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks in one of my classes. Using InDesign, we had to create a magazine that featured an editorial, articles, and ads we had to create for real brands.

The title of Girl Next Door came from my idea of wanting to make a fashion magazine that didn’t feature outlandish outfit inspiration that I would never think to wear and one that mentioned real topics/dilemmas for finding outfits for specific occasions. This is why I made this a “Back to School” issue that focused on getting dressed for tailgates and football games. The forecast for trends in athletic wear was a topic that would interest my friends and I, as well as highlight being active outside of a traditional fitness magazine. If this were a real publication it would ideally be targeted toward 18-24 year old females.

Special thanks to my beautiful friends who modeled for my editorial and article images. You guys are the best.

Trend Forecasting: Media Scan

Media Board

This semester, I am enrolled in a Trend Forecasting class. We recently did a project that involved scanning sources such as magazines, newspapers, movies, and TV shows, analyzing the information, and then creating a board based on the trends we found and how they would affect fashion. The two most prominent categories I found were using exercising as a way of stress relief and gender equality/LGBT acceptance.

I chose the former for the subject of my board. Through my sources I found quotes that I felt explained the trend well. I incorporated athletic wear and exercise images, as well as sweat drops in the background to add depth and meaning to the exercise element.

This project involved a lot of thinking abstractly…something I am trying to improve on. That factor made it a challenge, but eventually I was able to make something out of that big pile of magazine and newspaper scraps…which in the end, turned out okay I would say.

Branding Package

Over the course of a couple weeks, I worked on a branding package for my Computer Tech for Merchandising class. The assignment was to come up with a store/brand concept and create branding items for it in Illustrator. Those items included a logo, business card, hang tag, direct mailer, store signage, letterhead, and an envelope.

I named my business White Sands, a clothing store targeted towards 16-24 year old females and would be located in a coastal city. The store would sell clothing items ranging from merchandise advertising the respective city to nicer beachwear and casual apparel and accessories.

University Tanks pt. 2: States

Looking through old pictures, I found these two shirts that I made/designed for a friend and myself about two years ago. Both designs are pressed on with Econoprint Vinyl; the WSU design was on a Comfort Colors shirt and the KSU on a Bella + Canvas V-Neck. Looking back, all I can remember is thinking about how difficult it was to find a good hand for the WSU Shocker and how long it took to pen tool it out nicely. Now I also see several curves I should have adjusted back then, but hey…you live and you learn.