Folklore Video

Scene 2 - Rabbit FamilyBrer Rabbit Earns a Dollar-a-Minute

This semester I am in an art class called Digital Techniques in Visual Arts. Prior to the first day I had no idea this class would be heavily video based…imagine my feelings as I’m 21 miles out of my comfort zone for this. The link above will lead you to my first video project using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

We had to create a video based on a folklore story of our choice. I chose to use an American folklore story called Brer Rabbit Earns a Dollar-a-Minute. The story follows Brer Rabbit as he comes up with a way to avoid getting caught stealing Brer Fox’s goober peas.

For the images, I was lucky enough to find original illustrations from the books that featured the stories of Brer Rabbit, which made it easy to keep a consistent theme throughout and make it more cohesive. I did color the images myself in Photoshop to separate them from the background and make the characters stand out, I think it helps add to the storybook theme I was going for.

Before the project I had no idea how to use Premiere Pro, so that definitely posed a challenge within itself. Then, I had to go and make it more challenging by deciding I wanted to make the text appear to be typed in with a typewriter and Premiere Pro doesn’t have an effect to do that. So, I had to utilize Google and taught myself how to use Adobe’s Dynamic Links with After Effects to get the look I was going for.

Click on the link above, check the video out and enjoy!


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