Trend Forecasting: Media Scan

Media Board

This semester, I am enrolled in a Trend Forecasting class. We recently did a project that involved scanning sources such as magazines, newspapers, movies, and TV shows, analyzing the information, and then creating a board based on the trends we found and how they would affect fashion. The two most prominent categories I found were using exercising as a way of stress relief and gender equality/LGBT acceptance.

I chose the former for the subject of my board. Through my sources I found quotes that I felt explained the trend well. I incorporated athletic wear and exercise images, as well as sweat drops in the background to add depth and meaning to the exercise element.

This project involved a lot of thinking abstractly…something I am trying to improve on. That factor made it a challenge, but eventually I was able to make something out of that big pile of magazine and newspaper scraps…which in the end, turned out okay I would say.


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