University Tanks pt. 2: States

Looking through old pictures, I found these two shirts that I made/designed for a friend and myself about two years ago. Both designs are pressed on with Econoprint Vinyl; the WSU design was on a Comfort Colors shirt and the KSU on a Bella + Canvas V-Neck. Looking back, all I can remember is thinking about how difficult it was to find a good hand for the WSU Shocker and how long it took to pen tool it out nicely. Now I also see several curves I should have adjusted back then, but hey…you live and you learn.


Fourth of July Tank

This was another personal project I did that has received quite a bit of positive feedback. I wanted an original shirt to celebrate the Fourth of July and this is what I came up with. The Econo-print vinyl looked too plain for what I was wanting, so I decided to press foil on over it to make the writing pop off of the tank. The font used was chosen because it made me think of the signatures of our founding fathers on the Declaration of Independence.

In a time like this where politics are a hot topic in this country, I believe it’s important to remember these words and to remember how lucky we Americans are to have the freedoms we do. God bless the USA.

Dance Team Campwear

For the Field Kindley Golden Gales Dance Team, I created basic designs for the girls’ campwear. Both designs were placed on Bella Loose Flowy Tanks. For the pink tanks we screen printed the art and the black tank had gold premium glitter vinyl. It was fun to see the pictures of the girls wearing their outfits at camp and to see them having a good time!

University Tanks

This was a personal project I did while bored at work over the course of a couple weeks. All of these designs were pressed with Econo-print heat transfer vinyl onto Comfort Color tank tops. For the backs,  I experimented with several different patterns including aztec, ikat, and quatrefoil; each meant to appeal to the different styles of my friends. On the front of each tank was a small left chest with a monogram that represented the school.

Cheer Camp Apparel

Over the summer, I had the chance to assist Field Kindley High School decide on apparel for UCA Camp. We screen printed both designs on Augusta performance tops in colors that complimented the color of shorts they picked out. The design for the purple shirt was a simple design that represented the school’s colors and mascot. One of the days at camp was USA themed, so we picked out a basic gray v-neck and made sure to include the red, white, and blue of the flag. Since camp was only a week, these shirts and outfits have been worn for other school activities such as pep rallies.

Comfort Color Cheer Shirts

After months of deliberating and deciding on what garment and type of design the team would like to have, Field Kindley High School Cheer decided on this simple design that focused on the school as a whole rather than just the cheer program. The Comfort Color shirts were screen printed with purple ink and team members were offered both granite and violet options.