Folklore Video

Scene 2 - Rabbit FamilyBrer Rabbit Earns a Dollar-a-Minute

This semester I am in an art class called Digital Techniques in Visual Arts. Prior to the first day I had no idea this class would be heavily video based…imagine my feelings as I’m 21 miles out of my comfort zone for this. The link above will lead you to my first video project using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

We had to create a video based on a folklore story of our choice. I chose to use an American folklore story called Brer Rabbit Earns a Dollar-a-Minute. The story follows Brer Rabbit as he comes up with a way to avoid getting caught stealing Brer Fox’s goober peas.

For the images, I was lucky enough to find original illustrations from the books that featured the stories of Brer Rabbit, which made it easy to keep a consistent theme throughout and make it more cohesive. I did color the images myself in Photoshop to separate them from the background and make the characters stand out, I think it helps add to the storybook theme I was going for.

Before the project I had no idea how to use Premiere Pro, so that definitely posed a challenge within itself. Then, I had to go and make it more challenging by deciding I wanted to make the text appear to be typed in with a typewriter and Premiere Pro doesn’t have an effect to do that. So, I had to utilize Google and taught myself how to use Adobe’s Dynamic Links with After Effects to get the look I was going for.

Click on the link above, check the video out and enjoy!


Social Media Flyer

social media flyer.jpg

Promotional social media flyer for Zeta Tau Alpha to pass out at a recruiting event. I decided to go for a simple, girly theme since the flyer has a lot of different information on it….and also because it was my first time messing around with a pack of gold textures I downloaded from Creative Market.

Brand Concept Board

assignment01finalThis isn’t one of my typical projects, but it was one I was assigned for school. We had to select a fashion collection and create a board that showed the aesthetic. I chose Victoria Beckham’s Ready to Wear Spring 2017 collection. The collection featured crushed velvet and floral patterned textiles. I selected five colors that I felt represented the collection and five images that represented elements on the garments as well as the target market.

The board is titled Velvet Ease to reflect the fabric used and the easy going look of the collection. For the assignment we had to come up with three adjectives that described our overarching theme; I chose structured, feminine, ease. As far as design choices go, I wanted to keep everything soft; which is why I chose to keep all of the corners rounded and chose a natural textured background.

Geometric Invitation


This was the first geometric background I have attempted to do from scratch. This event invitation took forever to get the background to look right and I think now I would like to make a couple of shape adjustments on it; even a possible font or color change. This was used for a social media post to promote a recruiting event for Zeta Tau Alpha at Kansas State University.

Fourth of July Tank

This was another personal project I did that has received quite a bit of positive feedback. I wanted an original shirt to celebrate the Fourth of July and this is what I came up with. The Econo-print vinyl looked too plain for what I was wanting, so I decided to press foil on over it to make the writing pop off of the tank. The font used was chosen because it made me think of the signatures of our founding fathers on the Declaration of Independence.

In a time like this where politics are a hot topic in this country, I believe it’s important to remember these words and to remember how lucky we Americans are to have the freedoms we do. God bless the USA.

Dance Team Campwear

For the Field Kindley Golden Gales Dance Team, I created basic designs for the girls’ campwear. Both designs were placed on Bella Loose Flowy Tanks. For the pink tanks we screen printed the art and the black tank had gold premium glitter vinyl. It was fun to see the pictures of the girls wearing their outfits at camp and to see them having a good time!

University Tanks

This was a personal project I did while bored at work over the course of a couple weeks. All of these designs were pressed with Econo-print heat transfer vinyl onto Comfort Color tank tops. For the backs,  I experimented with several different patterns including aztec, ikat, and quatrefoil; each meant to appeal to the different styles of my friends. On the front of each tank was a small left chest with a monogram that represented the school.